Hiring in 2024 is hard.

We can help.


Manufacturing, logistics, light industrial, hospitality, oil & gas, construction, technology… whatever job you need done and wherever you need it done, we’ll find the right candidate for your organization.


Payroll can be a blessing and a curse… Employees are a huge blessing but the endless regulations, laws, taxes, workers compensation premiums, and managing claims can feel like a curse. Our technology platform for payrolling your internal and contingency workforce will give you the freedom to enjoy your blessings!

Vendor Management

Barnes Employment of Texas offers a comprehensive suite of vendor management services designed to keep your business and vendor relations running smoothly.  

With over 20 years of experience in dealing with every type of payroll, human resources, staffing, and related vendors, you can rest assured we are ready, willing, and capable of fulfilling any need that comes your way. 

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Oil & Gas
General Labor
Skilled Labor


Employment Verification



Background Checks

At Barnes Employment of Texas, we will provide thorough background checks to insure you hire the right person for the job.

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Fostering a Healthy Work Environment: The Secret to Success

A productive work environment is crucial for the success of any organization. However, this starts at the top. By fostering a healthy work environment, employers can create a positive work culture that inspires employee well-being, engagement, and professional growth....

Six Steps to Resolve Conflict in the Workplace

Devising a plan to resolve conflict in the workplace can help create a harmonious and productive workplace. It begins with strong leadership placing an emphasis on open communication, empathetic listening, and collaborative problem-solving. Following the six steps...

Barnes Employment Group Launches Rebrand

Under New Name, The Barnes Group, Introduces Expanded Services  January 22, 2024 - With more than 20 years’ experience in staffing and human capital management, Barnes Employment Group is announcing a new name, expanded services, and a new website. The Barnes Group...

Can Employers Ask for a Doctor’s Note?

Generally, an employer can ask employees for a doctor's note when they take time off because of an illness. But it's important to consider the laws governing doctors' notes before making them a requirement. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act...

Is This Your Situation: Considering HR Outsourcing

Do you have limited personnel and feel that HR demands are overwhelming you? Proper employee management is crucial to executing your day-to-day business. Click through to decide when HR outsourcing can help and what disadvantages it may hold. Outsourced HR services...

7 Steps to Set a Monthly Budget

One of the keys to financial well-being is having a plan and including a monthly budget. Setting a budget may sound like a daunting task but following our easy steps shows it doesn't have to be complicated or time-consuming. Step 1: Gather Your Financial Information...

How To Avoid Pay Miscalculations

Employees can use a pay stub to confirm what was withheld from their gross pay so they can understand how the final net pay amount was arrived at. While no federal law requires pay stubs, most states do. Pay stubs should have these basic elements: Amount per pay...

Working from Home: Six Ways to Increase Your Productivity

Whether you're working from home full-time or enjoy a hybrid or flex schedule, WFH has its perks and pitfalls. Avoiding the dreaded commute, blasting your favorite tunes without judgment, and having your dog as your co-worker are some of the advantages. However,...

3 Steps to Take Before a Job Interview

In the competitive world of job hunting, the interview stage is a critical opportunity to showcase your skills, experiences, and potential value to a prospective employer. It's a make-or-break moment that can determine whether you secure that dream job or end up back...

Discover The Crucial Roles of HR Professionals

The Function of HR: The HR function plays a vital role in organizations by managing the most important asset - its people. HR professionals are responsible for ensuring that the organization has the right talent, policies, and practices in place to support its...

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