How to Retain TOP TALENT

by | Feb 5, 2024 | Blog

Retaining top performing employees is a goal for many business owners but it can be a challenge with today’s trend of employees commonly hopping from job to job, seeking the highest pay.

Overall compensation, however, can go beyond the actual dollars deposited into a bank account. Benefits and perks add value for both the employee and the employer.

While a business’ budget may be fixed, there are things an employer can offer to sweeten the pot including a strong company culture, mental health programs, and more.

In a recent episode of the “The Barnes Group“ podcast, The Barnes Group President and CEO Todd Barnes, and Dana Kelly-Geiger, Vice President of Operations, offered insight into how to successfully retain employees. Their discussion includes advice about what has worked for them during their decades of managing people; investing in professional growth of employees, creating a positive work environment, communicating in a transparent manner, making employees feel valued, creating mutually respectful policies, learning about employee needs, and more.

To hear the full discussion, check out “How to Retain TOP Talent” on The Barnes Group YouTube channel.

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