The Important Reason The Barnes Group Selected a New Way to Pay Employees and Why You May Want to Follow Suit

by | Mar 18, 2024 | Blog

Providing an accurate, timely payroll is a key component of every business no matter the size. The Barnes Group recently compared payroll software platforms and is now sharing what we found, including our must-haves.

Training Time:

One commonality of every software platform is the time required to train both the user and the employee. That makes the scope of resources needed to use a platform a major factor when choosing the best option. We recommend a software platform that provides thorough, accessible, and easy-to-use training resources.

Ease of Use for Employees:

In addition to effective training, we found the most prominent features needed in a payroll software platform are those that impact employees. They should include on-time direct deposits and easy-to-access self-service so employees can view pay stubs and update personal information at their fingertips.

With those factors in mind, The Barnes Group made the switch to iSolved HCM Platform, a people-first HCM platform that offers HR teams tools to streamline processes like payroll software.

Learn More:

In the Barnes Group’s latest podcast episode, The BEST Payroll Software for 2024: Does Your Payroll Have THIS Feature?, our Director of Payroll and Accounting shines a spotlight on our company’s latest payroll software, iSolved, highlighting its unparalleled ease of use, enhanced employee experience, and robust features that set it apart from the competition.

The Barnes Group:

From seamless payroll processing to comprehensive HR management tools, iSolved offers a one-stop solution for businesses seeking streamlined payroll operations. Let Barnes Human Capital Management show you how.

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