What is Organizational Leadership and Why Is It Important?

by | Apr 1, 2024 | Blog

Most people have heard of leadership but what about organizational leadership?

Our Director of HR for The Barnes Group describes organizational leadership as how decisions are made, how a team is motivated and how objectives are achieved within a company. Kristin Daniel believes effective organizational leadership is crucial for any company, business, or organization to be successful, adding “organizational leadership helps build teamwork, increases productivity, and adds profit to a company.”

Learn more about organizational leadership in the latest podcast, Anybody Can Be A Leader, found on the @The_BarnesGroup YouTube channel.

In this episode, Kristin:

  • Explores the five main functions of organizational leadership.
  • Covers the qualities that make an effective leader.
  • Clarifies the distinction between management and leadership.
  • Identifies the nine types of leadership styles and how to capitalize on each one.
  • Explains why anyone can become a leader.

Tune in now to elevate your leadership game and steer your organization towards excellence.

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